Deborah’s Surefire Training Basics

Rules To Train By

  • Anticipate.
  • Command.
  • Enforce.
  • Praise!
  • Always ensure that your dog’s basic needs for shelter, food, exercise and mental stimulation are met.
  • Always reward good behavior.
  • Never reward bad behavior (no matter how cute).
  • Always redirect bad behavior to good behavior then praise.
  • You can never praise too much in response to good behavior.
  • Spend more time on good behavior and praise then on bad behavior and punishment.
  • Punish your dog only when you catch him in the act of bad behavior.
  • Giving your dog mixed signals confuses her and sets the stage for failure.
  • Clear rules, enforced all the time, makes training easy and fun for your dog.
  • Dogs like to have a job and to do it well.
  • Use healthy dog foods as training rewards.
  • Make him work for every perk, and he’ll enjoy the perks more.
  • Set the stage for success by controlling your dogs to obey commands.
  • Never call your dog and punish her when she comes.
  • Never hurt your dog physically
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