Dog Abuse

 Dear Deborah: I want to support you in your comments on greyhound abuse.  That woman, “Greyhound Lover” as she called herself, must be walking around with blinders on. I personally helped rescue abused and abandoned greyhounds.  I work for a veterinary hospital in California that saw their tortured, food-starved bodies.  Take off the rose-coloured glasses lady, and wake up and read what Deborah wrote….
Years later, in Arizona, we would search the desert for the cut-off ears, in order to track down and charge the owners who had cut their ears off before abandonment.
I own three rescued greyhounds.  They are wonderful pets.  Adoption of a second-hand dog, especially an abused or neglected dog is difficult. Our organization interviews new home carefully and provides a special list of greyhound problems of adoption and training.  True Greyhound Lover

Dear Greyhound Lover :
I am surprised that I continue to receive mail responding to a column from January 1997.
The original question was from a new owner who had adopted a rescued track greyhound from, Italy.  That particular dog had been rescued from abuse and neglect.
I received letters from both sides of the issue.  Readers supported what I wrote and added first-hand accounts of rescues.  Others were angry with me and insisted that the racing industry is kind and fair.
Whether the industry as a whole is kind, I cannot say.  I can say that the particular dog that was the subject of the letter was a former racing greyhound and it was abused.  The new owner was not properly prepared for the work ahead of her and was overwhelmed by the house accidents.  The dog was fearful and messed everywhere.  It needed more structure and a safe kennel to bridge the gap between his old life and the new.
Greyhounds make good pets and they can be house-trained.  I recommend rescued dogs whenever possible.  For experienced dog owners willing to put in the time, these dogs can be great pets.  For the average family with too much chaos and not enough time, a happy-go-lucky lab-cross from the SPCA would be a better bet.

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