Dog Walking

   Dear Deborah:   My pet peeve is people who walk their dogs off-leash and try to persuade me to unleash my dog, too.  My answer is:  There is a leash law in this city.  I’d like to know your opinion.   Leashed in Vancouver

   Dear Leashed:   If your dog is unpredictable or unresponsive to commands then you are right to keep him leashed, since that is the only way you can prevent him from interfering with others.
If your dog is friendly (non-aggressive) it won’t take much training or time to teach him to come when called.  Try to give your dog some opportunity at contact with other dogs.  No matter how much fun you are, you cannot give him the same challenges to his canine coordination, agility, and smarts as other dogs do.  Contact with other dogs will teach him the social skills he needs to get by in the dog world without causing fights.
Creating more spaces for off-leash walks will solve the problem for everyone.  If we stage success, we’ll get it.  Contact Ms. Terry Clarke, Vancouver Parks Board to make your views known, or telephone the Dog Lover’s Association at 604-736-4640 to lend your support.


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