We believe all dogs want to be good dogs – they just have to be shown how!

If your dog is your best friend, why is he ignoring your calls?

Teach him to come when called without yelling, stomping, and calling ten times. We can show you fun training drills that work. Old, young, big, small, hyper, pushy, or spoiled, all dogs can learn good manners.

Camp Good Dog  uses positive reinforcement techniques modeled after the training methods outlined in Deborah Wolfe’s training DVD, ‘GOOD DOG!: Positive Training Techniques‘ (available in stores and through Camp Good Dog).

Your dog will learn by receiving praise for performing target behaviours. Our focus is always on the positive.

Available Training Programs:

All programs include a copy of “Good Dog!: Positive Training Techniques”

Private Lessons:

Most of our dogs’ bad habits are taught to them by us at home. We teach them to jump up, we teach them to whine for attention. Avoid teaching your dog bad habits at the start, and you are way ahead of the game.

Private lessons also work well at the start when a puppy is first brought home. Deborah can get your family set up with routines and rules that are easy to enforce, and your puppy will be trained in no time.

When a stubborn problem or dangerous problem appears in an otherwise trained dog, a private lesson, will make a huge difference.

At Home
90 minutes of 1 on 1 personal training for you and your dog at your own home.
Covers the Basics plus owner’s wishlist of specific issues.

At Camp
Same as Home Training, but done at Camp Good Dog
Especially effective for dogs who have issues with other dogs (fear, reactive, etc.)
Deb will work with you and your dog for 90 minutes in the presence of other dogs including her personal pack.


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