Please be advised that our pick-up and drop-off times are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Call (604)515-2267 to book.

Current P/U & D/O hours:

9-11am & 5-6pm.

*Or by special arrangement as early as 8am

Booking a vacation for yourself? Why not book one for your dog as well?

Send your dog to camp! They can run, swim, and play while you’re away. All you need to bring is the dog, and the food – we provide the rest! Your dog will sleep in a temperature-controlled kennel building, and romp around on our 5-acre property every day.

Baths are included with a stay of at least 7 nights (but don’t worry – we won’t send home a muddy dog).

How To Register

All boarders must be pre-registered – click here

We are open 7 days/week, 364 days/year (closed to pick-ups and drop-offs christmas day only)

What To Pack

Camp Good Dog supplies bedding, towels, bowls, and buckets. The only things you need to send are the dog, their food, and any necessary medications.

Though we do have dog food on site, we only use this if absolutely necessary, and at an extra charge. This is because many dogs have allergies, specialty diets, or other dietary restrictions. Please make sure to pack enough for their stay! We also ask that all food be packed in a hard-sided container such as a Tupperware or Rubbermaid bin for easy storage.

Please only pack the necessities. To avoid issues of territoriality we will not give dogs in social or semi-private pens their own beds or toys. By using our own bedding, we keep all the dogs on neutral territory. We also want to keep your belongings safe and mud-free!

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