Private Lessons


My clients have no taste for furniture. Problems like aggression, fear, nipping, growling, mischief, destruction, and other special needs issues are best worked on privately.

Private lessons also work well at the start when a puppy is first brought home. Deborah can get your family set up with routines and rules that are easy to enforce, and your puppy will be trained in no time. Most of our dogs’ bad habits are taught to them by us at home. We teach them to jump up, we teach them to whine for attention. Avoid teaching your dog bad habits at the start, and you are way ahead of the game.

When a stubborn problem or dangerous problem appears in an otherwise trained dog, a private lesson, will make a huge difference.

1 hour private lesson with Deborah (includes Dog Training That Works DVD) $201.60

Call us in advance at (604) 515-CAMP to book your lesson with Deborah Wolfe.


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