Good Dog – Training


If your dog is your best friend, why is he ignoring your calls?

Teach him to come when called without yelling, stomping, and calling ten times. We can show you fun training drills that work. Old dogs, young dogs, hyper pups, bossy bullies, and spoiled toys, no matter what type of dog, all dogs want to be good dogs, and all dogs can learn good manners.

The training done at Camp Good Dog  is modeled after the training methods outlined in
GOOD DOG!: Positive Training Techniques
available in stores and through Camp Good Dog.

We believe, all dogs want to be good dogs once they’re shown how. We have designed, pain-free fun drills to teach dogs the basics of come, sit, stay and heel. Plus we can show you training games that your kids and dogs will love playing together.

Dogs learn by responding correctly to commands and getting praised. Our focus is always on the positive. We use control and praise to teach the basics with fun and freedom as the big reward

Camp Good Dog offers 3 personal training programs for your dog:

90 minutes of 1 on 1 personal training for you and your dog at your own home.
Covers the Basics plus owner’s wishlist of specific issues.
Includes  Deb’s Dog Training That Works DVD.

Same as Home Training, but done at Camp Good Dog
Especially effective for dogs who have issues with other dogs (fear, reactive, etc)
Deb will work with you and your dog for 90 minutes in the presence of other dogs including her personal pack.
Includes  Deb’s Dog Training That Works DVD.

Your dog will be assessed by Deborah and will have daily specialized training sessions in “sit” “stay” “come” and “heel”.  At the end of the week you and your dog will have a 1 hour private lesson so you will know how to continue with the training.
Includes  Deb’s Dog Training That Works DVD.
Basic Train & Board week runs from Saturday to Saturday
$250 on top of regular boarding fees.


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