Good Dog- Breeding Puppies

At Camp Good Dog we make beautiful puppies!

We have one litter of Standard Poodles and one litter of Golden Doodles each year.  Beginning late 2017 we will also have labradoodles!  

All our puppies are raised right here at camp – Mom & Dad live in the house and the pups are raised with kids and have the run of the yard before they go to their new homes.  

Please call to ask about puppies, inquire about the poodle studs, or if you  have a breedable young healthy fit smart sweet  female retriever or Poodle that needs a home.

What Is a Golden Doodle?
This new breed combines a female Golden Retriever with a sweet disposition and a Large Standard Poodle male with an equally friendly disposition to create Beautiful pups that are low shedding!
They have a SWEET KID-LOVING NATURE. Raised with love with kids, cats and dogs. The cutest puppies on the planet! Really

Papa Kanoodle  & Future Papa Teddy with Mama Scarlet


pups-2015-razz-and-pups-resize-id_65683     Grandma Raspberry & Great Grandpa VegasPapa - Vegas



Golden Doodles- 1 month old

Here are  a few photos of Golden Doodle Puppies at 6 weeks …

They had just finished lunch of puppy chow in warm water and you can see they dive right in!  Faces are all wet. 


Here are a few  photos of Standard Poodle Puppies from a few weeks old to 3 months..




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