Good Dog – Daycare



Day-care is going to the dogs!

  • Do you walk to your car each work day morning in the pathetic glare of your best friend left behind?
  • Does she cry, or give you the cold shoulder treatment?
  •  Does he tear things up, or just sit, nose pressed to the glass, silently willing you to say yes, he can come too.

Your guilty mornings are over if you call us and sign your dog up for day-care. When you are at work, your dog is at play. When you get home tired from a hard day, your dog gets home, happy, and ready for cuddles and quiet time.

Daycare dogs can be dropped of after 7:30 am and picked up between 5-6pm.

We walk through rain, sleet, snow, and then some.
We take dogs on off-leash nature walks in groups and we don’t stop till every dog is happy and tired. Tails wagging, tongues visible.

Our work-out walks include fun, training and manners. Your dog will learn to share and play nicely with other dogs, and practice listening to commands with distractions and temptations. Dogs also enjoy swimming, hiking, games and lots of free play . We exercise our daycare dogs at Camp where they run free without danger. Our fully fenced acres provide woods, meadows, sports fields, ponds, and doggie country fun in a fully supervised safe environment. DayCare Dogs are cleaned on-site before ending their day in the country at camp.

Day-care dogs must be pre-registered before bookings can be taken.
Please contact (604) 515-CAMP to Register. 


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