About Deborah Wolfe

Deborah Wolfe, L.L.B., Bestselling Author, Animal Trainer & Pet Therapist  3X Winner of Best Pet Radio in America.

My love for animals has led to my career. I have worked hands-on with hyenas, mountain lions and, of course, horses, cats, barnyard animals & many dogs.

I am constantly amazed by animals. They are experts at sensing human thoughts and moods, and at reading human physical cues like body language or posture. They understand huge numbers of words, commands and human concepts, as well as communicate with other animals world-wide.

People and dogs have a long history and the partnerships work. Dogs are opportunists and survivalists, but they are also creatures of emotion. Their association with people gives them food, shelter, a defined role in a defined pack, and love; in return, people gain a love beyond their own capacity for strength and loyalty and access to senses and skills beyond humans.

On My BAD DOG TOUR and as the owner of CampGood Dog, I deal with hundreds of training dogs every year and I have yet to meet a dog that is impossible, bad or mean. Each dog I’ve met is trainable.  The BAD DOG TOUR took me all over North America to meet the worst dogs in each town and I proved that `all dogs want to be good dogs` right there ‘live’ on stage & TV – transforming pulling, jumping rude dogs into happy polite dogs in minutes.  (You can see me work with dogs on `Dog Training That Works!` now on DVD or catch the free blooper clip of `Dogs Gone Wild` below)


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